Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012


When I saw someone post this story on twitter, the brilliance of Nancy’s satire compelled me to draw something cute (and slightly messy) in her honor.

The notion that there is something inherently unappealing or non-beautiful about a woman with a softer body has always seemed pretty absurd to me. Perhaps that's because as an overweight, softer-bodied gentleman with moderate self esteem, the trite-but-true adage "it's what's inside that counts" is usually regarded as a second-person truism. The fact is, while one might be able to make certain assumptions pertaining to a person's health or personal habits based on the amount of flesh attached to their bones, that person's character is seldom visible at a glance. It's such an eye-rolling cliche, beaten into our brains since childhood, and yet our culture still doesn't seem to get it. Yuck.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

.like steam, but for movies

The Holiday sale on Steam has me wondering how well that same sort of platform would work for movies. I keep reading/hearing people talk about how the movie industry is suffering due to piracy and whatnot, but it seems like the people who complain the most about it (the ones in the business only to make all the money as fast as they can) refuse to see solutions that are right in front of them because it would require some work to bring the movie distribution industry into the 21st century.

Excuse my probable naivety in describing a digital distribution service for movies that I wish existed:

DRM that doesn't suck
When you buy a movie, instead of streaming like Netflix, you can download and watch it whenever on any computer/device on which the service is installed. Once you're logged in and the movie is downloaded (maybe it would be possible to stream as it's downloading?), you're good to go. Need to save space on your computer/device? Delete the movie and it stays in your library for you to download later.

downloadable content (DLC) for additional value
- HD versions
- commentaries
- behind-the-scenes featurettes
- soundtracks
- etc
- integrated friend list with user profiles where you can read and share recommendations with friends
- co-op movies? Invite friends to join you while watching, even if they don't own the movie.

- daily sales
- publisher coupons
- "box sets" and bundles

gifting and trading
Purchased a box set, but already own one (or more) of the movies? Keep the extra copies to give to your friends, or trade for movies and DLC you don't have.
I don't know how that sort of digital distribution service would appeal to other people, but I, for one, would buy WAY more movies if the process of doing so was as convenient and pleasant as Steam. I know there are DD models for movies. Amazon seems to be most like what I'm thinking, but I imagine if way, way more studios would jump onto a platform like that, people would definitely use it. Probably wouldn't work with a limited selection.

Anyone have any other ideas? I'm no business person, so my understanding of these things is limited. I'm merely a creator and consumer of entertainment who cares about the future of media.